Wading through my back catalogue

After rescuing the content to recreate an old page from one of my original websites that covered Atari ST cartridges, I started going through all of the other bits and pieces that were on my website’s ‘To Do’ cards on Trello. There’s still quite a bit to get through!

New pages

There are now two new “odds and sods” pages: one for the ZX Spectrum and the other for the Nintendo DS. If you’re a teacher or maybe a quiz master, you might want to grab the NDS stuff, as two of the downloads were as a result of extracting the content of some games aimed at kids. As with anything that anyone extracts from an NDS game, Ninty don’t tend to look on you with bright shiny smiles. So grab ’em whilst you can :)

Tools used sections

More guides will be forthcoming on the tools I use / did use to extract the information from both the ZX Spectrum and Nintendo DS will be coming soon.

This also includes my long-winded method on extracting music from NDS games and converting them via MIDI to work in OpenMPT. Although these days it doesn’t support the older Impulse Tracker format, so the guide needs tweaking a little bit first.

Temple of Apshai

Due to the above work on the website, I’ve had to postpone my Atari ST guide on hacking the saved game for this old Epyx title.

The text is approximately 75% complete, but I’ve not made a start on the accompanying saved game editor, which as always, will be coded in GFA BASIC. I might also take a look at the saved game files on other systems too, but that would be a follow-up to the article. AKA don’t hold your breath.