Back from SillyVenture SE 2022 – New release!

30 years ago, I was quite a prolific creator of saved game editors for the Atari ST (*).

Last weekend I attended the SillyVenture in Gdansk, Poland and I had submitted my disk into the Wild! Compo as it wasn’t a game, nor a demo, nor something that fitted into teeny, tiny memory. This is GFA BASIC after all 🙂

However, during the event, I showed Grey/MSB my new Atari tattoo that I’d got done for the Atari 50th year as well as something fun to show off at the event. Once it was on Instagram, it went onto Twitter and two scene legends (Leonard/Oxygene and Gunstick/ULM) suggested that I also enter the tattoo into the same Wild! competition.

Somehow in a “wires crossed” scenario, my disk entry disappeared and my tattoo became the only entry I had. However, this got me a 2nd place and one of those SillyVenture statuettes. So a happy result in the end.

After getting back to the UK on the 17th (Tuesday), I decided to double-check all my spelling in my .RSC files and I released the 30 Years Later disk. Then I had to re-release it the day after as someone on Atari Forum had spotted my DESKTOP.INF file wasn’t allowing .TXT files to be viewed. D’oh!

The disk contains 12 of my older cheats brought up to date using GEM .RSC files. All development was done using GBE v3.72 and Interface v2.33 whilst running under EasyAraMint. EasyAraMint is very nice to use, but I did come a cropper once when I realised that designing a .RSC file whilst using a large display means that sometimes it doesn’t fit on a standard medium resolution desktop. Ooops!

There are two brand new cheats for Air Bucks & Hillsfar. There’s also an update of my GFA File Linker (v2.5) which now contains example retrieval code taken from my Synthetic Delights demo. Lonny has recently added Auto v5.01 and SpeedPacker 3 depack routines to his GBE’s ~UNPACK command – so get the latest beta from his Google drive.

I have to admit that trying to program GEM .RSC files after 30 years of using VBA was a pain at times because I’m so used to the extras that come with Windows GUI tools. No combo-boxes, no listboxes and general “whatever you’re thinking you can add, you can’t”.

Samurai^Inter’s son, who was at the event with his Dad, wanted to see just how “bad” things were for .RSC design as he was learning/using Kotlin and moaning about its limits. He was shocked at how few options a basic GEM application can have for a tree 🙂

Note: There’s no hard feelings felt towards those handling the compo entries as sh!t does often happen 🙂

Here’s the download link:

I will be taking requests in the near future, but I’ve still got about 6 saved game editors that only exist in their original form (non-GEM .RSC interface) and I want to update those first before taking on any others.

(*) I also ported a few to the Amiga, but GFA BASIC on there was dire by comparison and I’ve since lost the original disk.