Atari ST Demos

I’ll warn you now, I wasn’t a good (or even average) demo coder, as I preferred to code using my main language of GFA BASIC.

However, there are some I’m proud of them all, even those that are very embarrassing but are definitely “of their time”.

Here’s an example of one of my early (and awful) ones: my Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer Sampled Demo. Some person suffered enough to record it and put it on YouTube.

(I feel sorry for the original uploader, I really do!)

My Atari ST Demos

Demo NameDescriptionDemoZoo link
Soccer Kid DemoMOD rips/conversion from the PC version of the game.Visit DemoZoo
Pinball IllusionsAmiga MOD rips/conversion from the excellent pinball game.Visit DemoZoo
Synthetic DelightsOver 100 Amiga 'chip music' style MODs on 1 diskVisit DemoZoo