Chip SID Show


This page hosts all of the episodes of the ChipSID Show as created and presented by Max Hall on Radio Free Matlock.

I originally hosted the episodes via a combination of two cloud solutions – Dropbox and Box – but the shows were only available in MP3 format. This was purely due to the file sizes of the original FLAC versions that Max supplied.

In April 2019, after 9 shows were published using the above methods, I got my arse into gear and created this ‘sort of official’ page to host the shows.

The site’s blog will still announce the new episodes as and when they are available, but will just direct visitors to this page from Episode 10 onwards.

Spreading the (down)load(s)

The downloads still use Bit.Ly shortcuts. This is purely so that a full history of all the download stats per episode can be given to Max, as and when he needs it.

  • The FLAC versions will be hosted on my Dropbox account with Box to follow at some point.
  • The ‘Shitty MP3’  (*)  variants will be hosted directly on this site, along with copies on my Dropbox and Box accounts as they were previously.

(*) As mentioned by someone in the ChipSID Facebook group

Please try and download from the different sources. This spreads the load and will hopefully not generate any “stop using your cloud account for MP3 files” type emails from the two hosts that I’m using.

Note: If you are able to supply some bandwidth of your own for hosting the episodes, get in touch with Max and I’ll happily add the links to the new download locations.

Downloads for Max Hall’s ChipSID Show

Episode / AiringTrack ListingFLAC Download (via Dropbox)MP3 Download (website)MP3 Download (via Dropbox)MP3 Download (via Box)
1 - May 17th 2018FLAC (Dropbox)MP3MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
2 - June 19th 2018FLAC (Dropbox)MP3MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
3 - August 15th 2018FLAC (Dropbox)MP3MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
4 - September 11th 2018FLAC (Dropbox)MP3MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
5 - October 10th 2018FLAC (Dropbox)MP3MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
6 (Ben Daglish Tribute) - November 28th 2018 FLAC (Dropbox)MP3MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
7 - January 23rd 2019FLAC (Dropbox)MP3MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
8 - February 27th 2019FLAC (Dropbox)MP3MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
9 - March 27th 2019FLAC (Dropbox)MP3MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
10 (80s Influence Special) - April 24th 2019FLAC (Dropbox)File too big to host on website - it's over 1.5 hours though!MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)