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    Welcome to the Chip SID Show

    This page hosts all of the episodes of the Chip SID Show as created and presented by Max Hall on Radio Free Matlock.

    Back In The Old Days

    I originally hosted the episodes via a combination of two cloud solutions – Dropbox and Box – but the shows were only available in MP3 format. This was purely due to the file sizes of the original FLAC versions that Max supplied.

    In April 2019, after 9 shows were published using the above methods, I got my arse into gear and created this ‘official’ page to host the shows.

    A Quick Preview

    The Retro Engine released a quick 10 minute preview of an example episode back in February 2020. Click the link below to see it on YouTube.

    CHIP SID SHOW 🎶 December 18th 2019 Max Hall Radio Free Matlock Ten-Minute Excerpt

    Patreon Supporters

    The .FLAC version is made available to the Patreon Supporters first. A few days later (hopefully), I upload the .FLAC and .MP3 files to the various cloud hosts, set up the Bit.Ly shortcuts and then everyone else can grab their copies.

    The Retro Computer Museum in Leicester were closed to vistors for most of the lockdown in the UK. We occasionally hand over our Patreon funds as a donation, but they also have a Just Giving page where you can donate money to their fighting fund.

    Max Hall’s Chip SID Show C64 Demo

    In August 2021, Max coded and remixed a classic tune for a little demo, so grab it from this link.

    Spreading the (down)load(s)

    The downloads use Bit.Ly shortcuts. This is purely so that a full history of all the download stats up to 30 days after each episode is made available.

    • The FLAC versions will be hosted on my Dropbox account.
    • The MP3 variants will be hosted on both of my Dropbox and Box cloud sites. (I had to remove the local copies as I ran out of website space on my host very quickly!).

    Please try and download from the different cloud hosts. This spreads the load and will hopefully not generate any “stop using your cloud account for FLAC and/or MP3 files” type emails from the two hosts that I’m using.

    Note: If you are able to supply some bandwidth of your own for hosting all of the episodes (.FLAC, .MP3 or both), then get in touch with Max and I’ll happily add the links to wherever you’re hosting them.

    Episodes Track Listing

    Episodes 1 – 35 (PDF format)

    Note that the layout of the PDF is designed to show a full set per sheet of landscape. Some of the early shows did fit onto a single sheet though. One of these days, I’ll convert into a PowerPoint file to make editing much easier …

    Downloads for Max Hall’s Chip SID Show

    Episode / AiringCD Album Cover
    (by Andy Spencer)
    Tape Cover
    (by Andy Spencer)
    FLAC Download (via Dropbox)MP3 Download (via Dropbox)MP3 Download (via Box)
    1 - May 17th 2018CD #1Tape #1FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    2 - June 19th 2018CD #2Tape #2FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    3 - August 15th 2018CD #3Tape #3FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    4 - September 11th 2018CD #4Tape #4FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    5 - October 10th 2018CD #5Tape #5FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    6 - November 28th 2018 (Ben Daglish Tribute)CD #6Tape #6FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    7 - January 23rd 2019CD #7Tape #7FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    8 - February 27th 2019CD #8Tape #8FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    9 - March 27th 2019CD #9Tape #9FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    10 - April 24th 2019 (80's Influence Special)CD #10Tape #10FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    11 - May 22nd 2019CD #11Tape #11FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    12 - June 19th 2019CD #12Tape #12FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    13 - July 17th 2019CD #13Tape #13FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    14 - August 21st 2019CD #14Tape #14FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    15 - September 18th 2019CD #15Tape #15FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    16 - October 16th 2019CD #16Tape #16FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    17 - November 20th 2019CD #17Tape #17FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    18 - December 18th 2019CD #18Tape #18FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    19 - February 26th 2020CD #19Tape #19FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    20 - April 22nd 2020CD #20Tape #20FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    21 - May 20th 2020CD #21Tape #21FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    22 - June 24th 2020CD #22Tape #22FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    23 - July 29th 2020CD #23Tape #23FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    24 - September 23rd 2020CD #24Tape #24FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    25 - October 28th 2020
    (The Silver Edition)
    CD #25Tape #25FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    26 - November 25th 2020CD #26Tape #26FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    27 - December 23rd 2020CD #27Tape #27FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    28 - January 27th 2021CD #28Tape #28FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    29 - February 24th 2021CD #29Tape #29FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    30 - March 24th 2021CD #30Tape #30FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    31 - April 28th 2021CD #31Tape #31FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    32 - May 26th 2021CD #32Tape #32FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    33 - June 23rd 2021CD #33Tape #33FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    34 - July 21st 2021 (Tribute to Jason Kelk)CD #34Tape #34FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)
    35 - August 25th 2021CD #35Tape #35FLAC (Dropbox)MP3 (Dropbox)MP3 (Box)

    All of the album covers (both CD and Tape variants) were designed by Andy Spencer of the Retro Computer Museum.