Nintendo DS

My Nintendo DS work

I have been playing around with the ROM files of Nintendo DS games ever since I bought one and ‘accidentally’ acquired an R4 cartridge for it. There are plenty of tools out there which will let you look through and extract the files from within an NDS ROM, but I won’t be hosting any on here for obvious reasons πŸ™‚

Music hacking on the Nintendo DS

This guide was written back in 2008 and it covers my various methods to extract and then convert the music files found inside Nintendo DS games to work with the Open ModPlug Tracker.

Other things that I’ve found

The following are just some examples of what I’ve found under my NDS Magnifying Glass πŸ™‚

a) In the 1000 Crosswords game, all of the completed crossword layouts and the clues are stored as plain text files. One for the solution and another for the clues.

b) In another crosswords-themed game – CrossworDS – the clues and answers are stored in a single text file for each of the languages supported by the game.

c) All of the possible answers available for Countdown are included as CSV files – including separate ones for the profanity-checking side of things.

d) A lot of NDS games were created using the scripting language LUA. A selection of these games didn’t encrypt/protect the LUA script files inside the ROM, so they are all there and viewable using any Notepad equivalent. Including: Chocolatier, Wedding Dash and WinX BelieviX.

e) The game ‘Princess Maker 4 DS – Special Edition (JP)’ has the full C source code to the game inside the ROM.

Note: I didn’t discover this bit, but it was mentioned in passing on the GBA ROM Hacking forum.

f) The ‘Are You Smarter Than A 10 Year Old’ (aka ‘Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader’ in the US) games have all of the questions and answers stored in plain text inside the ROM. I converted the raw data into a better looking Excel document.