Saved Game Editors

This page will host all of my saved game editors that I created on the Atari ST. Slowly but surely I will be revisiting them all (some haven’t been touched in over 25 years!) and recompiling them using the latest version of GFA BASIC – the ‘upgraded compiler revision with loads of bugs fixed’ by Lonny Pursell, that is – and incorporate some of the functions that I had added to the later variants.

I will also be attempting to plug some gaps in some unfinished ones as well as starting some completely new ones. My first one for ‘Legend Of The Sword’ is almost complete, just the SNDH update needs applying to it.

So, all being well, this page will be quite full soon 🙂

In the old days, it got to a point where it would only take me an evening to take the code ‘shell’ from the last saved game editor that I had coded, and turn it around to work for another game. It would be nice to get back to that kind of productivity, but rearranged for my older (and occasionally wiser) self; maybe one a month 🙂

List of saved game hack utils:

GameWhat it alteredDownload
Battletech (Activision)
Caesar (Impressions)Money
Conflict - The Middle East Political Simulator (Virgin)
Demons Winter (SSI)
Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark (Accolade)
Grandad and the Quest For The Holey Vest (PD game)Top up the battery charge in your wheelchair (honestly!)
Imperium (Electronic Arts)
Ishar 1 - Legend Of The Fortress (Silmarils)
Ishar 2 - Messengers of Doom (Silmarils)
Motor Massacre (Gremlin Graphics)
Oil Imperium (Reline)
Phantasie 2 (SSI)
Roadwar Europa (SSI)
Sim City (Maxis)Money
Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe (Renegade)
Star Command (SSI)
Legend Of The SwordPosition in game

(There could be others that were part developed and never released too, so they will be revisited and released as well!)