Windows 95/98

In-Game Trainers

This was an enjoyable time for me. The games were aplenty and there were tools out there (esp. the Trainer Maker Kit) that took a lot of the hard work away from finding out where a lives/ammo/health counter was stored in memory. The only downside was that if a patch to a game was released, you had to redo the trainer from scratch as there was a high probability that the memory location(s) you had found for the first version of the trainer, had now moved!

However, due to hard-drive crashes and incorrect backups of old websites, not all of my trainers have survived. They used to be sent to various websites, although sometimes certain trainers were done as ‘exclusives’ for a bit of back-scratching credits for other stuff. Even using Way Back Machine, I can’t download any of them either 🙁

As and when I find the trainers, I will upload them onto this site for posterity.


Cheats Always Prosper

Back in the above days, I wrote a step-by-step guide explaining how to create your own trainers using the Trainer Maker Kit. It can be found on this page.


Saved Game Editors

I didn’t do a great many of these back in the day, but here are two that survived the afore-mentioned hard-drive crashes from 2002. Both saved game editors were written for games from a company calling themselves N@RCOT!X ( Their site has been dead since 2007 (according to Way Back Machine), so the games might still be available.

Judging by the coding, it looks like I worked out the code for one game and then adapted the same VB Script code to hack the other game’s saved data. The game’s data was saved in the Windows registry and was easy enough to hunt down and ‘adapt’ 🙂

The VB Script code is simple enough as it’s just a registry patch with a simple front-end. It should be easily adaptable but, from memory, VB Script was being used more and more around this time to deliver virus payloads, so a lot of websites wouldn’t host the above two editors.