ZX Spectrum

The good old Speccy

In the last few years, I’ve been playing ‘catch up’ with all things related to the ZX Spectrum – the machine that kicked off my various hobbies and, in the long run, my career.

Currently I have a modern-ish Plus 2B (the black model) along with the DivMMC Enjoy! (an SD card interface) and the older DivIDE (a CF card interface). But due to this machine’s curse, I seem to keep killing off interface cards, so that I’ve got to send both of these modern interfaces back to Holland for repair.  (Update: they’ve arrived and are being looked at!)

So as a replacement, I’ve ordered a +3 (with +3e ROMs) from Mutant Caterpillar Games. I’ll also be ordering a ZX-MMC which is a internal dual SD/Micro SD card interface. This will be installed into the +3 before it’s sent to me (I am not a hardware person!) and when it all arrives, the +2b will be consigned to a dustbin and/or sold on Sinclair For Sale for someone to tinker with.

I’ve also ordered an Arduitape which is a SD-card based system that emulates tapes (unprotected ones) so that I don’t have to use a tape deck with my +3e.

When it’s all set up I plan to ..

The plan is to re-learn my Spectrum days of my youth which includes me using my technical authoring skills to create a list of tape-to-disk transfers for anyone to follow.

I used to, back in my teenage years, send backups of the latest titles to Lerm Software to help them to develop their Tape Copier tools. I’ve kept a letter which they sent me back thanking me for this which I’ll post up here at some point 🙂

And in the future (2018 onwards)

Also with the impending release in early 2018 of the Spectrum Next machine – which I backed the dog’s doodah version with the Raspberry Pi inside – there’s some hope for ‘modern’ day hacking and coding on this machine too 🙂