About Mee

Hi, I’m Mike Mee. Yes that’s my surname. Yes it’s odd. But I like it. As do all of the other Mees out there, including some that are listed on Wikipedia.

I’m also known as “Mug UK” within the Atari ST scene.

This is my website. There’s lots of weird and wonderful stuff here covering the last 30+ years of my (mostly) computing history.

The main history pages

The 8-bit years

The Atari ST (16-bit years)

Mug UK and other pseudonyms

Non-IT related

Mee and my Beard

My metal bar

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Other sites

I also have two other websites that I set up and try my best to look after:

  • My Word Toolbox – a Word add-in that helps you to fix common Word problems in your own documents – www.mikestoolbox.co.uk
  • My scans of some ~1200 slides that I bought from a car boot back in 2015. It’s still in the early stages, but for now there’s a collection of slides scanned in from the late 1960s through to the late 1970s from various parts of Britain – www.oldslidescans.co.uk.