Silly Venture 2022 SE – reaching the sky with ATARI’s 50th!

It’s been a few years since I attended an Atari-themed demo party. So with it being the 50th year of Atari’s existence, I’ve booked my flights and hotel so that I can attend Silly Venture 2022 SE in Gdansk, Poland in August.

Thanks to Ryanair’s scheduling of the available flights from Manchester to Gdansk, this has now become a holiday and a demo party rolled into one trip. I need to be at Manchester airport at the crack of dawn, which I’m used to as I prefer to have the flight and then (at least) half-a-day to explore the area once I’ve checked in.

I’ve also got a full day after the event to do some sight-seeing, photo-walks and such like. My last visit to Poland was a few years ago when I saw Depeche Mode live in Warsaw.

To make it a tad more enjoyable, I’ve pushed the boat out and got a *very* nice room to be in as well. I normally just slum it in a Premier Inn (or much worse) when I go away to events or on my holidays. I hope that the photos on the hotel’s website are what I’m really getting 🙂

The plan is, hopefully, that I’ll get a disk released with some of my updated cheat routines. I’ve, with help from the GFA BASIC FB group (esp. Lonny) rebuilt them proper GEM .RSC files. No more logos or SNDH music, but “proper” programming!

The downside to this is that I’m having to re-learn how GFA BASIC handles .RSC files. It’s almost 30 years since I designed an .RSC interface to one of my programs. Also I’m using EasyAraMint as well, as that’s the only way you can use the enhanced GFA BASIC (aka GBE). However, the games need to be run under STEEM when I’m testing out my editors.

I’m certainly looking forward to this demo party / tourist trip 🙂