Atari ST

My second machine

The Atari ST was the first machine that I owned. The family computer before that was the ZX Spectrum.

Within these pages, and any relevant sub-pages, will be a catalogue of all the stuff I did whilst I had my Atari ST. This covers a period from 1988 onward.

There were some gaps in my work whilst I explored other machines (esp. Windows 3.1 and upwards on the IBM PC) and then, through emulators on the PC, I played about with console games and their ubiquitous ROM files.

The (almost) full list of products I released and/or had a hand in can be found on DemoZoo. Use this link to jump straight to my ‘work history’.

I wrote *a lot* of utilities during my Atari ST years. Some of them were *very* basic during my early years, through to a full blown commercial product – The Professional Virus Killer – which was sold by Floppyshop around 1991.

Breakin’ The Borders

In 2016 a Kickstarter was launched and, on the 2nd attempt, it cleared the goals necessary to allow Marco Breddin to create/design a coffee-table type book on the Atari ST demo scene and how it’s played a role in numerous people’s careers since then.

I received my copy on Monday 5th June and I love it. It’s a very detailed history of how the Atari ST’s demo scene caused so many sea changes in demos, music and graphics. Even better is that this is the first in a planned trilogy, keeping the Atari love going for a few more years yet 🙂

The book cover is as below:

I was lucky enough to be interviewed in it and below are two photos of these pages.

Note: The photos are blurry on purposebuy your own copy here!

For the 2nd edition in the series (2018), I was the English text proofreader and I am currently working on the 3rd edition (Feb. 2019)