ZX Spectrum – Compiling back to a .TAP file

This section will use the ZMAKEBAS tool to convert your TXT listing back into a ZX Spectrum .TAP file. There are multiple versions out there and here’s the two that I found. Personally, I’m using the Windows 64-bit edition.

My thanks go to the original author (Russell ..) and (person) who created the Windows 64-bit version for non-Linux users like myself.

There is a lot of information available on the OhNoSec page above that’s applicable for both versions.

Including the bug I found in one game where “LET IN=2” was being converted to “LET IN =2” and it broke the game on the Spectrum with the “C:Nonsense in BASIC in 90:3” error message. To fix this I needed to change the variable from IN to INV – so that it didn’t look like the INK command – and then it worked fine.

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