ZX Spectrum Next

This is a temporary page for now. More gumpf coming soon … (I say that on all the pages that don’t get very far!)

My ZX Spectrum Next .POK files

The above were done by disassembling the SNA file through my tool of choice, DZ80 Disassembler for Windows. I’m doing the same as I did when doing Gameboy or Sega Master System games by wading into a dead listing and trying to work out where the lives etc. are set up, and removing the code that decreases them.

I didn’t do many as the old Spectrum .SNA & .TAP files weren’t used as much as I thought they might be.

These three, however, did 🙂

All commercial titles that I’ve bought since all use the .NEX file that blocks the NMI option, so you can’t “tweak” the games. Even if you could separate out the main code bank from the file and disassemble it.